What Does Your Bank Statement Say About You?

I won’t say how, but I came into possession of someone’s bank statement today.  It’s not an official bank statement, so no account numbers are present.  Rather, it’s an Excel spreadsheet that clearly shows this person likes to keep his/her own set of books to compare against the bank’s. 

I happen to know that this person’s bank account is pretty fat, so I became intrigued by the spending habits of someone who has, ahem, a lot of “disposable income” on hand.

What did I find?  Fast food purchases…a few things bought at mall stores…gasoline…some twenty and forty dollar ATM withdrawals…a couple of grocery store purchases…minor drug store buys…a couple of video rentals….and a savings to checking transfer.  In other words, nothing that’s radically different from my bank statement.

Did I not learn anything from the O.J. Simpson trial when he testified that he and Kato got in his Bentley to get dinner from…McDonald’s! What I mean, of course, is that people who are wealthy often have the same habits, mediocre tastes, and lousy diet as people who are of middling means.  Just watch “Cribs” on MTV to see that despite the impressive digs many of these rich folks have, you can probably find a six-pack of Bud in the ‘fridge and some Slim Jims in the pantry.

But they still have more cash than me!


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