Salon has an interesting article on a number of books that will really teach us how to read a novel! The article is written by Tom Lutz — a professor at UC Riverside — and he really does a nice job of surveying both the academic constipation of endless literary criticism and those “rebels” who profess to save us from such pomposity.

If you haven’t been in an English department for the past 15 years, you may have missed the ongoing battle between the old guard of who defend “The Canon of Great Books,” and those whose careers are made by leveling critiques at said “canon” with words that most people would never weave into a conversation (“Heterotopia” anyone?). Anyway, Lutz does a better job that I do writing about this stuff, and the article is well worth reading.  Click HERE for the fun!

The second thing is the rock roundtable over at Kurt’s Krap. This week, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, and The Black Crowes get the once over twice by an ever-expanding groups of music bloggers (including yours truly). 

Next up: A non-RIAA Mix Six for Friday!


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