Post Mortem

 Well kids, the NPR gig went very well  — factoring out the minor mistakes I made on the air.  They were very pleased by the fact that I just dug in and, as Julie said, “KICKED ASS!” 

I’m not going to lie and say that the first hour wasn’t difficult — because it was.  The topic is something that I could handle (i.e., the destruction of the CIA interrogation tapes made in 2002), but having three guests on the phone (they were all on the east coast), a producer giving me direction through my headphones (i.e., “We’ve lost the General, redirect questions to other guests…The caller is going on too long, wrap it up…60 seconds to the break….30 seconds…20 seconds! Gotta wrap it up…we’re going to pledge break soon.”), and the fact that I’ve never done a live talk show made for some (brief) rough patches.  The second hour was so much better.  I had Eric Weiner on, who wrote a funny book called The Geography of Bliss, and he was in the studio, so having someone face to face made it a lot easier to focus on talking to guy instead of managing the behind the scenes stuff. 

If you’re interested in listening to the programs, you can HERE.  Just scroll down to January 17, 2008. 

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