Male Bonding with the Raiders

I was so engrossed by the novel The Road, that I had to shelve my post on the Raiders game I went to on Friday. I’ve been to a few of these games with my buddy Matt. But this was the first pre-season game I’ve ever attended, and while it was sparsely attended, the fans were pretty pumped. Overall, there were some fine moments of football that even a non-football fan would have to admire.  If you watched it on TV, you know what I mean.

However, going to a Raiders game is a different experience altogether! The fans, as you might know, are quite insane. Many look like extras from the Mad Max movies, and they act like them as well. Fights will often break out in the stands, and there’s been one or two games where I’ve seen guys trolling the stands looking for a fight. But, for the most part, it’s just a bunch of loud drunken working-class folks getting their ya ya’s out and taking part in small and large rituals that help one escape the memories of the daily grind and how The Man has got his thumb on your back.

I must say that Friday’s game was really quite good. Oakland’s offense was looking better than last year, but what the hell was going on with the defense? Okay, despite the quibbling, the Raiders played a very good game and bested the Rams 20-10.

I was looking for game highlights on the Internet (I couldn’t find any) but I did find a rather amusing You Tube video that pretty much highlights why the Raiders are seen as the thugs of the NFL



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