Look Who’s Been Married for 14 Years!

I didn’t do the typical male thing and forget my wedding anniversary. Both of us have a few days off and we’re going to celebrate today by going to a restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times. It’s called Rivoli and it’s in Berkeley and there’s an amusing story about the first time we went there for our anniversary (this was years ago).

We arrived around the time of our reservation, and told the person at the front who we were. She said “Okay,” and went to the back (where the restaurant is). She came back and asked our name again. We told her and she excused herself again and this time another person came out and said, “I’m sorry folks, what was you name again?” We told him and he said “Well, another couple with the exact same name as yours came in about 5 minutes before you and said it was their wedding anniversary, too.”

Well, since our last name is pretty uncommon, Julie said, “Would you like to see our IDs?” He said “No, that’s quite alright, it looks like they just glanced at the reservation list, saw your name and went for it.” I asked: “Hey, did they pronounce our last name correctly? ” Surprisingly, he said “Yes.”

We were kind of laughing about it, and while they set up a new table for us, the manager gave us wine and appetizers and, I believe, even picked up the tab on dessert. Anyway, I was really tempted to walk up to the couple who took our table, and say: “Well, congratulations to you both! How amazing it is to meet a couple with the exact same name as ours — and we’re not even related!” But, they seemed really crabby, and I didn’t to ruin our evening by getting into it with strangers who don’t think it’s strange that they nabbed someone else’s reservations.

A couple of years later, we went back to the same restaurant for our anniversary and the staff remembered us! The manager said they even had a name for it: “The Asregadoo Incident.” And then added, “You know, you two can come back and visit us when it’s not your anniversary.”

But Rivoli has become our anniversary place!

So Happy Anniversary to the “other Asregadoos” and to J and me. I think we’re much happier than they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

J has a very nice and mushy post about our anniversary HERE.

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