One of the things about Thanksgiving is, of course, the leftovers.  Usually in our house, it’s leftover turkey, some sweet potatoes, and maybe some mashed potatoes.  This year, it’s mostly turkey, some homemade cranberry sauce, and green beans.  So, to start the day of leftovers, I made an egg white omelet with turkey, mushrooms, garlic, and some cheese for breakfast.  It’s wasn’t too bad, but I wish I had some tomatoes to jazz it up.  For lunch, I just had some turkey, some leftover fingerling potatoes (from a dinner earlier in the week) and some leftover salad (also from a dinner that was made earlier in the week).  I do like turkey, but I suppose the key is to make something novel out of your turkey leftovers, or else you’ll get tired of turkey pretty quickly, right?   Well, thanks to FoodPress, they featured a dish that sounds really odd to me, but according to the author of the post, is really quite good.  I’ll let you be the judge of this, but before you read the post, I’ll give you this tease of what the recipe is about:  “Thanksgiving pancake.”


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