iPhone App To The Rescue!

Ever since Apple started the applications store, I’ve been hot and cold on some of the freebies and not-so-freebie apps you can add on.  There are a number I use, but some I ended up deleting because, well, they were kind of stupid.

And then Target had to go and develop a free app that gives you gift ideas for the holidays.  What you do is choose an age range and gender of the person you’re thinking of buying a gift (at Target, naturally). Once you’ve selected the right info for the person you have in mind,  you give your iPhone a shake and a gift suggestion pops up. Because I love Target (and so does my sister), I had to give this app a whirl.  What I did, however, is to go down my blogroll and see what the Target snow globe/crystal ball said to give you.  That’s right, if I had money (which I don’t), I would buy you — my bloggy friends — the gifts suggested by the Target iPhone app.  And because making videos is fun, I put together a little video of me searching for your gifts (Julie makes a brief appearance, too).  Enjoy!

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