Happy Father’s Day!

My friend Jeff linked to this site on his Facebook page, and it reminded me of all the things us kids used to do to our dad’s “stuff.”  For the most part, it was his beloved stereo equipment that was pretty much off limits, but because this was the days before the Internet, playing records and tapes was pretty much all you had when it came to listening to the music you wanted to hear (and not what the radio station was playing).

He had a really nice turntable that, well, no one could resist.  Of course, we were all very careful when first putting a record on, but after awhile, laziness crept in and, well, that needle (which, at the time, seemed priceless) would skip across the record if you were dancing or playing air guitar too aggressively.  My brother Steve couldn’t keep his hands off the record player or the reel to reel tape player, and while he didn’t break it, he was told a number of times to keep away.  But did he?  Nope.

And so with that, I hope all the dads out there have a wonderful Father’s Day, and that your kids haven’t done things like this to your stuff:

Yep! That's paint.
Remember that cool mix tape you made in 1989?
A teenage son plows through the garage door with his dad's $180K sports car.
Hide the Sharpies!

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