Family Dinner

If you read my cousin’s blog, or my sister’s blog, you probably know that my aunt (my mom’s sister) passed away on February 5th. I was keeping it on the down low for various reasons. However, yesterday another cousin from England came for a planned visit while on a business trip to the U.S. and during the course of dinner at my parent’s place there was a nice moment where memories of my aunt were recounted. One of the things that was pretty clear were the number of stories about my aunt that were humorous. There was a lot of laughing –which I think is a testament to her spirit and the kind of the love of life she had — and a few tears at the passing of a loved one.

During the day, I snapped random shots with my iPhone during the get together and decided to include them in a short Flickr slideshow. At first I was just going to point you to my Flickr page, but then I found a site that explains how to embed a slideshow into a blog. The pictures have comments, but you have to click each picture individually to read them, and then click “Resume Show” to continue to the next pic. The photos mostly feature my cousin, Devanand. But other family members like my uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, and my daughter are in there as well.

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