Big Thanks!!!

[Update: I guess traffic to my pro site has exceeded the server limits. Right now the URL isn't working. I've contacted the host to let them know. They rebooted the server and the site should be up and running around 9am PDT.]

Kevin over at the Washington Monthly kindly linked to my professional site so his readers could have a listen to the interview I did with him (and Tim Grieve as well!). If you doubt the power of blogs to generate interest in a site, have a look at the graph above. This is the site meter for my professional site. Before Kevin's mention, I got maybe 5 hits a day. Now, it's more like 50! (Update: I just checked the site meter an it looks like there were quite a few more page hits than 50. It's like 340 or so. Nice!)

Andrew Cory over at Punning Pundit also wrote a very nice post on my interview on a site called Dean's World — which you can read HERE.

So a big "Thank You" to Kevin and Andrew for the promotional mention!


Map of visitors to my professional site 6/20/06 

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