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Why is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death such a big deal? In addition to the death of a beloved figure in pop culture and music, he was a guy whose political and social evolution mirrored many of the 60s generation.

I was too young to understand the full effect of Lennon’s cultural reach by the time he died, but I loved the Beatles and liked a lot of what he did on his own. It’s hard to believe that he was around my age when Mark David Chapman shot and killed him outside his home in New York. The official word is that Chapman did it to gain fame, but after all these years Chapman’s name is not widely remembered.

John Lennon’s name, however much culturally conservative members of our society wished would fade into obscurity, has only grown in stature to the point that he is more of an icon than flawed human. He made some great music and fought passionately to remind people that the power of love and to live in peace are not things to be sneered at. Rather, to love, be loved and share life with those we care about in relative peace are some of the most powerful things that will help us to temporarily transcend the hell we humans create when our violent instincts prevail.

John Lennon would have been 67 today.


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