XBox Blues

A couple of years ago, I got an Xbox for my birthday — after dropping massive hints to J and Maya that I wanted one. At first, I was pretty jazzed about playing the games and was generally having a good time with it. Then, a couple of things happened:

1. J became an addict to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer games.

2. Maya became an addict to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer games.

3. I got very little Xbox time because every time I tried to play the game, Maya would eventually nudge me out of the way.

And then after much activity, great lull of Xboxing overcame our household and we slept.

Then something roused us from our slumber…

We went to the mall and bought new games. Maya bought Lego Star Wars II, and I got Starfighter. Excited by the prospect of “getting good” on a game again, I started playing, and, well, uh, I sucked. I couldn’t fly the stupid star fighter very well. I couldn’t target the enemy ships without using my brakes so I could slow the ship down, and my video “partner” and R2 unit kept taunting me with my retarded skills.

I shouted out to Maya that this game wasn’t that easy — mostly because the controls were so sensitive. She became interested, and when I finally gave up, she eagerly took over.

Can you guess what happened next? Yep. She just blew through that first level like she was adding 2+2. And she was moving a million times faster that I was through the initial training run.

Wha’ happened!

Yes folks. you got to use it or lose it when it comes to video games. So, while I was the mack daddy on Clone Wars last year, this year I’m a total George W. Bush on Starfighter.

I’ll get over it soon, and then I’ll be one of those “Just one more level” people and I’ll never blog again. 😉


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