Workin’ for a Livin’

employedI know that 2008 pretty much sucked the life out “me and mine” in many ways, but it seems 2009 is being kind to “me and mine” as the year begins.  I was offered a job at my old place of employment.  It’s not an on-air position, but it’s much more challenging that what I had been doing prior to losing my job in June.  In short, I’ll be managing two departments (promotions and public affairs), I’ll have a staff, I’ll be dealing with payroll, scheduling, promotional campaigns, and all that stuff that goes along with a management job.

This opportunity comes at a cost, however.  A number of people I worked with at the station recently lost their jobs, or were offered part time positions.  However, for some combination of reasons, the owners of the company thought I would be a good manager and wanted me to come back.  What I’m coming back to is an industry-wide trend that has affected a number of friends who work at other radio stations:  major downsizing, and for those who get to keep their jobs, doubling or tripling up on duties for less money.

I’m extremely relieved to be getting work in this time of economic woe, and because of the p/t teaching job that will start in a few weeks, I’m going to be busier than I have been in a long time.  I’m not sure what this all means for this blog (and my academic one).  The academic one might go away since my colleagues don’t really contribute, but this one might go into “posting once a week” mode.  I’m still going to contribute to Popdose, but even that may have to be scaled back as I figure out my schedule.

So, all in all, it’s a mixed blessing of sorts.

[UPDATEThe department chair of the school I was supposed to be teaching at emailed to say they found someone else to do the job since they already had 42 students signed up for the class.  Because of the f/t job, I asked if they could move the class to evenings, and at first they said they would try and find someone else. Then they said they would move the class.  Now, they said they are going to keep the class at it’s original time and hire someone else to teach.   So … one door closes.]

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