Why Guilty Pleasure?


I’m trying out this new Spotify plug-in that allows blogger to feature music legally on their blogs (remember, when I used to have music you could download?)

Anyway, I thought I would test this feature out by briefly writing about the concept of the “guilty pleasure.” Last Easter, I was sitting around with my family and we were asking each about guilty pleasures when it comes to songs. My uncle said that Drake’s “Take Care” was his guilty pleasure. I thought about it, and said “You have nothing to feel guilty about. It’s a great song!” And yes, it’s incredibly popular right now, but there’s no denying that “Take Care” is atypical in today’s pop terrain because of the mood Drake and Rihanna create on the song. That back and forth between the two on vocals and the ethereal quality of the music is a nice counterpoint to the bombast of the current style of pop music.

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