Why Did I Buy an iPhone?

Yeah, I bought one right when Verizon announces that they have their own iPhone rival set to come out next month. 

So here’s the Verizon Voyager:

And here’s what my new friend “Booba*” looks like

So…I resisted the temptation to get this phone, but I couldn’t say “no” anymore.  Am I glad I got this?  You bet!  I was going to get a Helio, but I wasn’t too impressed with it.  My old cell carrier (T-Mobile) was trying to get me to buy their iPhone competitor the “T-Mobile Wing”

 But it only works with Windows, and since I’m a Mac guy, I didn’t see the point.

I’m sure these non-Apple phones are just fine (if not better in some ways) to the iPhone, but honestly, I’m such an Apple guy that this phone was the best fit for me. 

So, how’s it working it out?  Great!  I really love how easy it is to use and how it seemlessly integrated my address book, bookmarks, and all my other Mac stuff (including pictures, music, and even video).  I did have some problems with outgoing email, but Apple had a webpage to help me with that.  It seems the 1.1 update was causing some bottlenecks on outgoing mail servers like the one I use (POP3).  Anyway, all the minor kinks have been worked out, and now I’m just enjoying the ride.

* Maya told me I had to name my phone.  So, said “Okay, how ’bout “Booba” after that Spongebob epidsode where he was saying something like “Yes sir…I mean yes ma’ma…I mean yes Booba.” So, it’s that “Booba,” and not these BooBahs:

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