Why Blog?

hommingberger_gepardenforelle.pngBlogs are an odd phenomena. Why? Well I suppose it’s because it only recently became de rigueur to publish the intimate thoughts of a person to the world. It used to be that people kept journals and diaries chronicling the day to day issues they were struggling with. Journals and diaries usually had locks on them to prevent anyone (except the author) from reading the contents. Now people freely share the boring and not-so-boring details of their lives and their thoughts to whomever is interested (usually not that many since there are so many blogs out there).


With all that said, I guess I’ll start this out by talking about (what else) me! My beautiful wife Julie did this a while back I think it’s pretty helpful for readers to know a bit about you. It’s just a random list of things about me that have no particular order, rhyme, or reason. Here goes…


1. Born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
2. I don’t have “dual citizenship.” I’m 100% American citizen.
3. I really hate bigots.
4. I agree with the poet Rabindranath Tagore that “Music is the purest form of art…”
5. …Except when it’s created by corporate sell outs!
6. I’m extremely color blind.
7. People from indian communities around the country have asked me a variation of this question: “Where are you from?”
8. My parents and grandparents are from Guyana.
9. I love to dine out (though, not every night of the week.)
10. I have a PhD in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania.
11. I work in radio as a traffic anchor and public affairs director (It pays better than teaching did. I’m not kidding!)
12. My wife and I met in Speech 150 at San Francisco State University .
13. Our daughter’s name is Maya. But you pronounce it “May-uh.”
14. I’m very liberal in my politics, but very conservative in my family life.
15. I love wine, expensive Scotch, expensive Kentucky Bourbon, and good British and Indian beer.
16. I wish I could see my friends more often.
17. I love road biking.
18. My dog has really bad breath.
19. I miss having long hair.
20. I love to travel.
21. At one point in my teaching career, I thought I was a pretty good teacher. Demanding and strict… but good nevertheless.
22. When I was about 8, I once met Clint Eastwood on the set of “Magnum Force” (my mom had a VERY small role in it).
23. I used to think Macs were “the shit,” until I got a tricked out Dell at work.
24. I’m related to President John Adams…through marriage.
25. I hate getting up early (I don’t care what Ben Franklin said about early to bed, early to rise. He wasn’t a night owl like me!)


And that’s about it…Thanks for stopping by!



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