While the World’s Ending…

…I’m at home this weekend not following the latest developments in the Israel/Lebanon conflict, or wondering if this unbelievably hot weather means the Bay Area is the new Arizona, or even reading some of the books and magazines that have been sitting by my bed that I’m truly interested in reading, but just couldn’t find the energy to read beyond a chapter. No…while the world is seemingly ending, I’m glued to my TV with Maya watching a Brady Bunch marathon on TV Land.

Sometimes, I really am a Gen X/slacker stereotype! I did redeem myself by cleaning out a closet that’s full of crap, but once that was completed, I jogged back to the TV set and eagerly awaited the Johnny Bravo episode just so I could see a couple of choice scenes:

1. The intro of Greg singing about how you have to “be in love to love a love song.” (Jesus, Paul McCartney’s got nuthin’ this Greg Brady classic!)

2. Watch Greg’s new boss/producer/agent get all jazzed about Greg playing a really simple rhythm riff on the guitar. (Christ! Greg plays like he just figured out the first lesson in his “How to Play Groovy Guitar Like a Righteous Player” songbook.)

3. The big dance and song finale with the Brady kids singing about “good time music” and doing that horribly wonderful choreography (i.e., strategic claps, odd turns, and a kind of “we-can’t-dance-but-we-can-do-this-little-dog-hump-thingy-to-the-music”).

But my favorite moment comes when Marcia really starts getting into one of the dance moves a minute and forty six seconds into the song. Go girl! Oh yeah, and watch Peter mess up his moves, but recover right toward the end of the song.

Like I said, sometimes I really am a generational stereotype. “But that’s fine with me!” (Click the video to watch this piece of cultural crap that I can’t quite stay away from!)


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