What Time Is It?

It’s Monday, December 1, 2008.  That means it’s time for the yearly tradition known as Mellowmas. What? You don’t remember? How dare you! 🙂  Last year, Jason and Jeff (my pals from Popdose) put together a feature where they riffed on 25 of the worst Christmas songs — with one song featured each day. Today is the kick-off with a special theme song written and performed by Alan O’Day.  You remember Alan, right? No? What is wrong with you!  Okay, here’s a song he’s most noted for:

“Undercover Angel” (Download)

Well, where there’s song, there must be a video, right?  Guess who had a hand in creating the Mellowmas video?  Yeah, I did the editing, and Terje (another Popdose writer) did the video cutaway stuff with Jason, Alan, and Jeff.  Jason came up with the idea of featuring pics of kids crying on Santa’s lap. So, get over Popdose and read, hear, see, and maybe even smell the magic of Mellowmas!

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