What Did You Say?

Slowly, but surely I’m getting back to blogging.  To say that last week was a tough week would be a huge understatement, but we’ve been very fortunate to have family and friends lending emotional support during this tough time. Life does indeed go on, and one of the things that’s important is laughter.  Seeing a funny movie, or reading something that’s just downright funny is something is a rare commodity in our household these days. However, it’s kind of interesting when you’re going through personal things to see how much humor was/is important in our lives.

Let me get to the point:  After Julie’s mom passed away, we inherited some of her personal items — one of which was a new laptop. I was going through her iTunes library and there’s a lot of comedy recordings (Bill Cosby, Lewis Black, George Carlin, Monty Python, and the like).  On her web browser, there are also quite a few bookmarked sites that are comedic in nature. But there was one that caught my eye because of my love of music:  a site that listed misheard lyrics.  I checked a few artists whose lyrics I was certain said one thing, only to say another. The first was the Go Go’s, “Our Lips Are Sealed.”  Okay, I know what the title of the song is, and know that they are actually singing “our lips are sealed,” but I’ve always heard “Honest, I see you.”  Some of the other misheard lyrics of the song are as follows:

1.  “I lick the seal…”

2.  “Alex the seal…”

3.  “Amish casino…”

4.  “Hot as I feel…”

After that, I had to check out some Rush songs — specifically “Tom Sawyer.”  For the longest time Maya used to think the opening lyric was, “A Monday warrior/Mean mean stride/Today’s Tom Sawyer/Mean mean pride.”  Have a listen HERE.

The actual lyric is: “A modern day warrior…”

Then there are these gems: And what you say about his company/Is what you say about the Sawyer team.” Once again, have a listen HERE.

The actual lyric is: “Is what you say about society.”

And finally:  “Catch the wits/Catch the wins/Catch the spirit/Catch the Smints.”  And yes, you can hear it HERE

Actual lyric: “Catch the witness/Catch the wit/Catch the spirit/Catch the spit.”

The website where these misheard lyrics came from is kissthisguy.com

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