What a Game…in the 4th!

 Yesterday’s Super Bowl was one of those games that reminded me of baseball.  You know, where nothing much happens for long stretches of time, and then in one play it all changes. 

Full disclosure:  I am such a casual/fair-weather sports fan that half the time I have no idea what the hell is going on with football.  I go to Raiders games with my friend Matt, but that’s because 1. He’s got the hook up on free tickets. And 2. It’s a chance to hang out for male bonding time.  But that’s about it.  During a game, when they throw a flag, I don’t know what the rules are so it’s all a mystery to me until the ref calls it.  Matt, however, is a huge football fan, so he usually tells me when we’re at a game together.

I’m not sure what it all means, but yesterday the Super Bowl was watched in our family by three people who are probably in the top 5 of the “I Don’t Give a Rip About Sports” club:  My mom, Maya, and me. And, I should add, we’re really into it.

At the half time show, I saw a bit of Tom Petty and thought his performance sounded the keynote of the first half of the game:  boring! So, I decided to get a bit snarky by texting Matt to see how he was enjoying the game, but he didn’t text back…until the 4th Q.  Why?  There was a city-wide power outage where he was and he wasn’t able to see the game, so I did updates for him:

Me: (5:45pm) First half was boring…and is Tom Petty alive?

Matt: (6:54pm) Dude, our power went out.  Who’s winning?

Me: NY 10 NE 14…45 sec left.

Me: NY just scored!  16-14

Me:  Field goal good!

Matt:  YEAH!!!

Me:  NY 17 NE 14

Me:  35 sec left

Me: 29 sec…NE has 3 time outs

Matt:  Holy shit!  Tell me if they win

Me:  I will

Me:  Alford makes a sack!  Brady down!

Me:  10 sec left…NE at their 20 yard line

Matt:  Now what?!

Me:  Game over, dude.  But 1 second left on the board

Me:  NY has the ball…one last snap

Matt:  So NY won?

Me:  NY is 1 sec away from winning

Me:  They just won!  NY takes it!

Me:  NY 17 NE 14!  4th Q was great!

Matt:  Thanks for the updates!  Still no power and there are helicopters all over the place. Looks like the whole city is out.

So see? Even though cell phones are a pain sometimes, they do come in handy for my new job as sports texter. 🙂

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