Wanna Know What The Frak Is Going On?

After reading a really great review of the TV show Jericho on Popdose, I decided to watch the series finale since, well, it’s the kind of show that appeals to me (i.e., conspiracies, post-apocalyptic societies, and the like). While I thought the show was okay, the music reminded me of Battlestar Galactica — and that got me all excited about the premiere of BSG episode on April 4th. So I went over to the BSG site at SciFi.com to see what’s up. What’s up is an 8 minute recap of the entire series that’s pretty funny — but it also gets people who haven’t watched the show up to speed. So if you have 8 minutes to spare, have a look at this:

Also Doug (now Foo Kabloo) posted a You Tube clip from Letterman with the cast of BSG doing a Top 10 list — which is pretty funny, too:

I sure hope this final season of BSG doesn’t suck. The movie, Razor, was a disappointment, but it did fill in some details that had been lacking in the series.

Shifting gears for a moment…

If you’re up for a disco mix, have a listen to this week’s Mix Six over at Popdose. Click HERE.

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