Vinyl Record Day!

Last year, a bunch of music bloggers celebrated Vinyl Record Day by doing what they do best:  featuring music from their collection and sharing it with their readers.  This year is no different and I have a Mix Six featuring vinyl recordings from the days when I collected soundtrack LPs.

On this blog, I wanted to feature some songs from that whole “I Could Give a Rip” series because they are great songs.  And who knows, someone out there in bloggyland might not have heard these songs since the days of vinyl because they just never made it to CD or as a digital download.

Dire Straits, “Badges, Posters, Stickers & T-Shirts” (Download)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, “Heartbreakers Beach Party” (Download)

Bryan Ferry, “Is Your Love Strong Enough”  (Download)

Belouie Some, “Some Girls” (Download)

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