Urban Word of the Day

So, for the past year or the Urban Dictionary has been emailing me the "Urban Word of the Day."  It's for folks who love how fluid the english language can be and generally get a kick out of neologisms.  Anyway, today's word (well, it's really a phrase) isn't all that great, but it's kind of reminds me of when I used to say "I gotta book" for "I gotta run" back in my salad days.  The phrase is "Take him to the stacks" and it means that you see someone in a library that is so hot that you want to take them to the book stacks to make out — or as the British kids used to say "snog." 

One of my favorite terms is "quarter life crisis." This, according to U.D. is  "The psychological strain that is encountered on one's 25th birthday. Subject often realizes that he/she has lived a quarter century and still hasn't done anything consequential." Used in a dialogue, it goes something like this:

 Person1: What's wrong man?

Person2: Sorry, I'm just kinda depressed. I'm 26 years old yet I feel like I should have been way more then I am by now.

Person1: I hear ya man, welcome to your quarter life crisis.
My friend and former co-worker Ramzi over at I Understand was going through that when we worked together, but now he seems like he may be over it.  I could be wrong, though.


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