If you’re a reader of Julie’s blog, you’ll know that her mom is in need of some cash for her move to California. Her brother has a Pay Pal account and so far there’s a good amount people have contributed to defray the costs of travel and the like. And who said that the Internet was a haven for people can’t be positive about anything?

Re: my brother…He’s on the mend. I spoke with him tonight and he was pretty upbeat about his progress and even went out driving today with my sister –who is doing a tremendous amount to help him in his recovery. He’ still off from work this week (which is good) but at the rate he’s recovering, he’ll probably be back at work next Monday.

I hope to get back to my old bloggy self again soon, but the wind has kind of gone out of my sails. I’ve dropped out of the Team in Training thingy (my head’s just not in the game) but I still plan on riding my bike (even with Steve’s accident looming large in my mind). I’m still contributing to Popdose, and still find it enjoyable to blog on political topics and, of course, the Mix Six will always be big fun for me.

Okay, enough of all that for now… Anyone for a few laughs? Here’s a clip from SNL about the way in which the press is in love with Obama but slaps Hillary around:

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