Unpeaceful Uneasy Feeling

Steve Martin “I’m Feeling It” (edit) Download HERE (Just for giggles)

We’re only a few weeks away from the midterm elections, and while everyday there’s bad news for Republicans in the press, I get a paranoid feeling that the Dems aren’t going to win this one. I’ve been reading quite a few articles in the major papers that looked at polling numbers and did interviews with the hard core in both parties, and many races across the country are going to be close. And for the past two elections, whenever there’s a close race (despite the turnout), the Reps take it and rank and file Dems scream that the election was stolen.

In close elections, it’s rare that the losing side will humbly accept the outcome. There will always be fuming and ranting about how unfair the election was. Later, there will be studies and magazine articles to prove how we was robbed, but it doesn’t really matter. Once the election is certified, all the losing side has are vocal individuals and groups to keep people angry and motivated to vote in the next election.

So here we are…and what do we know as we head into this next election?

1. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are going horribly wrong. There were no WMDs in Iraq, there was no active nuclear weapons program (in Iraq), and those who we “liberated” generally hate our guts — except for the Kurds in the north who like us, but aren’t too thrilled we aren’t opposing Turkey in their efforts to keep the Kurds there from forming their own republic.

2. The Republicans (with Bush as their leader) has spent more money on not only war, but a lot of useless projects that make his spending policies look like the old school (i.e., pre-Clinton) Democrats Republicans use to criticize.

3. The GOP was fond of saying that G-O-P stood for “God’s Own Party.” Well, after sheltering white collar criminals and pedophiles so they can have “ultimate power,” it’s pretty clear that “God” is not in the details of the Republican’s plans. And losing the moral high ground is a big deal for Reps since much of their rank and file want to believe that their candidates really do stand for the kind of moralism they claim they do.

4. The political corruption scandals and encroachment of government power into our daily lives should be a big red flag for many conservatives who say they are leery of concentrated power in the hands of an elite few. But it’s not clear that things like the Abramoff trial or the fact that our government spies on us regularly (with the help of many large corporations) is having much of a dent with those on the Right.

A question on the mind’s of many disgruntled Righties may be this: what’s the alternative? What are the Dems going to do differently? Do they really have a consensus on a few key issues like the wars, spending, “cleaning out the muck” in politics and restoring our civil liberties? It’s difficult to tell from my perspective since I know they do. However, many Dems have been unable to articulate that message with much clarity. And because “The Message” is a bit cluttered, I fear it will be another close one and (gasp!) the Right will take it (yet again). I sure hope I’m wrong on this!

[Update:  Read today’s post by Maya’s Granny today about security and civil liberities. And then listen to the Steve Martin clip ’cause you’re going need a few chuckles after both our posts. :-)  ]


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