Typical Guy

If you go over to J’s site, you’ll see that today is a “Date-a-versary” for the two of us.  19 years ago the two of us went out on our first date.  And like a typical guy, I totally forgot about this day. There ought to be a sound effect for guys who forget their anniversaries, ‘cause clearly I need it played right now. 

After a date that didn’t go very well (According to J, she said that I seemed more interested in my radio job and my friends than dating at the time), we finally “clicked” and never broke up or dated anyone else!  Considering how volatile college relationships are, J and I are the lucky ones!

And I am very lucky; lucky to have friend, partner, wife, and wonderful mother to our daughter.  Love, love, and more love from me to J on our Date-a-versary!


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