TV! What Is It Good For!

Wired News had in interesting article on its site about a reporter who cut his cable service and relied on the Internets and DVDs for entertainment.  iTunes was certainly the first alternative, but after a week of downloading shows, he realized that his iTunes bill was higher than his cable bill.  Also, because he had a family, he found that what little “family time” they did have it was gone now that all family members were watching their shows on their computers. 

After I read the article, I started to think about my own TV habits, and found that I do like watching shows on my computer (no commercials!) and DVDs (no commericals!). Also, I find that there are fewer and fewer shows that interest me.  I think I’m down to “Lost” and “Battlestar Galactica” on my “can’t miss” list.  Everything else is greeted with a shrug. 

I know Ml is not a fan of TV, so she’s excused for the day. ;-)  But how about everyone else?  Do you find that your TV viewing habits are starting to change?


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