Top Mom Blogger!

No, I’m not a top mom blogger. That honor goes to my wonderfully talented wife, J! She didn’t even know about this award until Gina mentioned it in a comment she made about a post J wrote.

There were a number of categories, but the one she took honors (along with a number of other bloggers) in the “Other Winners” category — which was described thusly:

Other Winners

Most moms who have a blog use it as an outlet for anything they want to write about. As such, we couldn’t categorize the great writing of some women and we listed them here. You will find many of the most original, interesting, and entertaining blogs in this group.

And her blog is certainly all those things mentioned (and more!). So, if you haven’t had a chance to check out J’s blog, just click HERE.


— PK (One proud hubby!)

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