The Story in Your Eyes

This is one of those songs that I’ve been trying to learn on guitar.  And while the opening riff is pretty easy to play, there’s an arpeggiated part for the bass guitar (and lead) that takes some working up to – at least if you want to play it as fast as Justin Hayward and John Lodge.  If you’re a person who plays off of tabs, this will make sense to you:

If, however, you’re not very musically inclined (as it, “I can’t play the guitar!”) just know that the numbers on the lines represent where you put your fingers on the fret board when you’re playing.  0 means it’s an open string, 3 means you place your finger on the third fret of the E string (the one that’s closest to you when you’re looking holding a guitar and looking down), and each number that’s spaced apart of one another (i.e., 0–3) mean you play one note and then the other right after.

If you play the mp3 of “The Story In Your Eyes” and look at the tabs as the song is playing, you’ll understand what Justin Hayward and John Lodge are playing — and why a novice guitarist like me plays much slower than the Moody Blues.

“The Story in Your Eyes” The Moody Blues (Download)

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