The Pill Has Landed

Here we go kids! Pop Dose launched early this morning and there’s quite a bit of content up and ready for bloggy consumption. I know that the weekly Mix Six has traditionally been on Friday, but it’s been moved to Wednesdays because, quite frankly, I can’t compete with the weekly snarkfest that is “Chartburn” — although I do contribute to the snarky fun of that feature.

So, starting tomorrow at 6am (EST), you be treated to some Mix Six goodness. I’m also going to do a weekly feature called “Take Out The Trash.” The title comes from an episode of The West Wing where the White House dumps a plethora of stories they don’t want the public to really know about on Friday afternoon because Saturday is a day when most folks don’t bother with news. So, I’ll dumpster dive for you and feature some of those stories on Monday — just in case you missed it. 🙂

Okay, that’s about it. But before you go, please click the picture below and check out some of the great writers at Pop Dose!

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