The Mix Tape/Mp3 Style

My grad school bud, Theo (AKA Brother With a Fundamental Problem) has a new site that has podcasts of music mixes!  The latest mix has a song by ABC that I haven't heard since the album's release in 1983 (and I thought most had forgotten).

The song is "The Power of Persuasion" and it has some of the oddest (some might say dumbest) lyrics in a pop song.  For example:

Cock a snoot,
Loop the loop,
Hock the hula-hoop,
But now it yo-yo'd back again
Shiver me timbers,
Just jumped ship with a little faith
We could win the championship…

The song has a great guitar riff, but it was a very odd album for ABC.  After the brilliant "The Lexicon of Love," they followed up with an album that was heavy on guitars and drums and light on the disco vibe.  It was their least successful album, but I still love "That Was Then, This Is Now."  


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