The Dead


I've been a music fan for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in a house that always had either the radio on or records/cassettes/8 tracks playing at some point in the day.  When I got my first job as a kid (mowing lawns for very little money), I spent my cash on candy and KISS albums.

This is all to say, that despite my deep love for music, I just don't understand the appeal of some bands like the Grateful Dead. But I work with a guy who does!  In fact, he's such a Dead Head (why bother with quotes around the title, right?), he often expresses himself by quoting Dead lyrics.  Of course, I have no idea what he's talking about, but he usually clues me in shortly after that. 

To help me and others understand the appeal of the Grateful Dead, I'm putting together a short interview with musical samples entitled "Interview with a Dead Head" that features my co-worker, Don Potter (AKA "Grateful Don").

I hope to have it uploaded either late today, or by tomorrow afternoon. Jefito may feature it on his blog, too! 


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