The 50

Carolyn, my co-worker, sent me a link this morning to an article in the British paper, The Observer, that put the spotlight on 50 albums that changed popular music.  Most of the albums you’ll agree were seminal forces, but one that will certainly raise eyebrows (except for my niece) is the addition of the Spice Girls.  You can read the full list yourself by clicking HERE, but here’s the blurb on #21:

21 The Spice Girls
Spice (1996)

The music business has been cynically creating and marketing acts since the days of the wax cylinder, but on nothing like the scale of the Spice phenomenon, which was applied to crisps, soft drinks, you name it. Musically, the Spice’s Motown-lite was unoriginal, but ‘Girl Power’, despite being a male invention, touched a nerve and defined a generation of tweenies who took it to heart.

Without this … five-year-olds would not have become a prime target for pop marketeers. Most of all, there’d be no Posh’n’Becks.


P.S. Short post today because the longer piece I had just saved in draft form wasn’t really saved at all.  So, 90% of its contents was lost.  Grrrrr. If I find the energy, I’ll try and reconstruct it in the future, but for now “Spice up your life!” 🙂

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