To say it’s been a tough year for yours truly and family would be a huge understatement. Three deaths in the family, an injury (when Steve crashed on his bike and required two surgeries), a fire that almost destroyed my music equipment, and, of course, the loss of a job that brought the all important $$$$ into the house.  This year, I can’t count the times Julie and I have said: “I’m so ready to close the books on this year.”

But through it all we’ve kept it together, had many wonderful moments (That vacation to Hawai’i comes to mind), and overall supported each other through what seemed like an endless parade of woe and strife.

So on this Thanksgiving, I wanted to say how thankful I am to my wife, daughter, and family for all the support, love, and laughter this year.

So, in honor of one of the worst years I can remember, I have this to say about 2008 … in song, of course:


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