Thank You, Friends!

Thanks to all who have been so supportive during this rather unexpected economic downturn in my life. I’ve never been a fan of Ronald Reagan’s politics, but he did make a quip back when he was running against Jimmy Carter, and it kind of sums up losing one’s job: “Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours.” But hey, I said no sour grapes, right? Right.

However, I want to do a late random sample that’s not so random. You know when it’s Labor Day, some radio stations play songs about working? Well, I was curious if there were any songs that were about getting fired, and I found a blog that listed 10 songs — three of which I actually knew.

So, here’s a little gallows humor for those 50,000 of you who got your walking papers last month — and into this month.

“Alienation’s For The Rich,” They Might Be Giants (Listen) Oh, I know this is painful, but hey, I think we’ve all been there when you gotta knock back a few after the bloodletting: But I’m working to make it better/With a six of Miller High Life.

“I Love My Boss,” Moxy Fruvous (Listen) This song reminds me of They Might Be Giants in style, and since pop cultural references in lyrics are always welcome in my book, I thought these were somewhat clever: Bosses through the ages prove/They’re the ones who make it move/Bewitched would have an empty plate/If it weren’t for Larry Tate/Clark Kent reached the highest height/With the help of Perry White/And if we may be retrograde/Speak the name Reuben Kincaid.

“One Trick Pony,” Paul Simon (Listen) And for those who feel like they have that one special thing to offer the world– even when the world seems finished with them — here’s Paul Simon’s ode to you: He’s a one trick pony/One trick is all that horse can do/He does one trick only/It’s the principal source of his revenue/And when he steps into the spotlight/You can feel the heat of his heart
Come rising through.

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