In keeping with the “I wanna hang with rock stars” theme that’s going through my life right now, my co-worker Carolyn and I were able to interview James Young from Styx a couple of weeks ago. The interview hasn’t run on KKIQ yet, but I put together an 8 minute “web only” version for your enjoyment. Click HERE to download. It has music clips and some radio-sounding bells and whistles, so it could be aired, but I don’t think it will because it’s too long.

Also, the folks that run the official Styx website agreed to post the interview on their site after it airs on KKIQ. I’m not sure which version is going to be posted, but I’ll let you know when it’s up and ready for downloading.

James, though, was a pretty nice guy! However, it was tough for him to get to his main point. He would start to answer a question and then go on a very long tangent before coming back to answer what was originally asked. I waded through about 15 minutes of audio and found about 4 minutes that highlighted Styx’s career. After some creative editing I made it sound like he started with a thought and ended that thought in a concise manner. Many thanks to Peak LE, a two track digital editor I bought months ago, for making that happen! (See picture below).


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