Stop Yo Saggin’

There’s a campaign in Dallas to get people to pull their pants up.  I heard the story on the way into work on NPR and while it’s kind of amusing to think that elected officials spend time thinking about  fashion, this whole saggin’ thing has reached a point where there are people who don’t even bother wearing the requisite boxer shorts to show off.  That’s right, you get a half moon view! 

Now, saggin’ has been around for quite a long time, so it makes me wonder why try and change it now?  Why not let the fashion trend run its course and die a natural death only to be resurrected by VH1 or E! 10 years from now for some kind of “Can U Believe We Wore THAT?” type of show.

Seriously, is this a danger to society?

Some say that saggin’ comes out of the U.S. prison population where male prisoners are not given belts to keep their pants up, so their pants sag down past their butt cracks.  Okay, if that’s the case (and has been the case for who knows how long) why bother with with a dress code now?  Oh yeah, I forgot: it was okay if baby showed her thong when it was also a stupid fashion thing, but if bro is showin’ ass…well, call the police!

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