State of the Blog

Hey bloggy friends.  A while back I was saying that I might revamp this blog to align it with some more egghead interests I have.  And if you stuck around, then cool. If not, then thanks for reading.  Instead what did is start a another blog with some grad school buddies of mine. You can read HERE, but now I’m at a crossroads of sorts.  What do I do with the Py Korry space?  I was talking to Julie and I said: “Maybe I ought to just make this my personal blog.  Just talk about … stuff.  Things that are going on in my life, pictures of family, friends, the dog, and the like.”

But who would be interested in something like that?  My life isn’t all that interesting, and, truth be told, I don’t like writing about my personal life on a blog — unless, you know, I made this space a “super exclusive blog” where you would need a password to read it.  WordPress has a option where I could set that up, but it would mean my audience would be limited to a select few (i.e., you would have to be invited in), and I’m not sure if that kind of velvet rope is something people even want to bother with.

But here’s the thing:  I’m teaching a class in the Spring and it would kind of weird (weird to me, that is) if my students stumbled on a blog where my personal life is on display … know what I mean?  So, let’s play with the poll-o-meter and see what you think, shall we?

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