Spot the Cylon

The season finale of BSG (That’s Battlestar Galactica for those not “in the know”) aired on Sunday, but we just saw it last night after downloading it on iTunes (the expensive TiVo).  What can I say but I LOVE THIS SHOW! Why aren’t more people watching BSG? Oh yeah, that’s because they have this stupid season schedule where they air a block of episodes, take a big break and then come back for another block.  If you watch Lost or Heroes you know how frustrating that can be because these shows have similar schedules.  You don’t have be a TV programmer to know that you can’t build an audience when people have to struggle to find your program.  It doesn’t matter if critics put you on their top 10 list, you win awards, have a great cast, excellent stories, or, or, or, you will fall into obscurity if you don’t put your fracking show on a regular schedule. Yeah I know that people are really into TiVo and other “time shifted” programming, but for frack’s sake, throw the producers of BSG some cash and tell them produce a full season without any breaks! 


It’s not going to happen, though.  I just read an interview with Ronald Moore where he said that the show won’t be back until January of 2008.  2008!  Can you believe that?  That just spells “show killer” right there.  But he also hinted that season 4 will be the final season of the show because they are in the third act of a three act narrative.  Ah well…We’ll always have the DVDs, right? 

(Spoiler warning) 

Okay, if you’ve made it this far it either means you like the show, or you’re just bored and haven’t the energy to click to another blog.  Whatever the case, I am pretty surprised at the (possible) “Final 5” cylons. Didn’t see it coming, but then again, that’s what makes the show so great.  They have writers to don’t go for the obvious. Why are the “Final 5” so important to the story?  It certainly has something to do with the cylon belief they are part of “God’s plan” — which may or part of the search for Earth. It’s difficult to know.  But now that Col. Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tory Foster are supposedly four of the “Final 5” cylon models, it’s sets up some interesting speculation on what this all means for the story.  And Starbuck is back (presumed dead after she flew her viper into a high pressure “hard deck” thingy on some planet and blew into a million pieces).  She may be the fifth cylon, but I doubt it.  My guess it’s either Bill Adama or President Roslin is the last of the “Final 5.”  Why?  Well, simply because the cylons haven’t really lied to the humans about information they give them.  Early in the series, there was an episode where Adama’s and Roslin’s blood was tested to see if they were human or cylon, and Dr. Baltar knew the real results of the test and said “I’ll never tell.” And we won’t know until 2008!  Crap! Crap! Crap!  Frack! Frack! Frack! 




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