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Well, it’s week two of my unemployment saga, and I gotta say that despite some really emotional ups and downs, things are settling into a status quo that’s tolerable. So far, I’ve had one rejection — which is okay since the job really wasn’t a good fit. But, you know, when you’re looking for work, there’s that constant pressure of just finding something, and figuring that you’ll just take it to lock in a steady income. After that, then you’ll have the luxury of looking for the ideal job. But it never really works that way, does it. Rather, it’s more like find a job — any job — and then work, work, work at it, get comfortable and occasionally see what’s “out there” by looking at ads or talking to people. The next thing you know, you’ve been at that “temporary” job for years. Okay, maybe it doesn’t work like that for you, but that’s been my experience, and I really hope I don’t repeat it.

I wanted to add that I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. One would think being, um, “between jobs” means a surplus of time. But for some reason,that hasn’t been the case, and thus, my bloggy activity has dwindled to very little. My apologies for not visiting your blogs, but I plan to be more active in the coming weeks. So with that, here’s a late “Random Sample” for your weekend!

“Nolita Fairytale,” Vanessa Carlton (Listen) She’s the more ethereal Michelle Branch, and according to Jefito, the better singer of the two. He was pretty ga-ga over this album when it came out last year, but I’m not all that taken by it. This tune is catchy, but my problem with it is toward the end when she sings a “La, da, da, da, da, da” on a vocal overdub. What’s my problem? I think it’s stupid. But…maybe you’ll like it.

“A.D. 1928/Rockin’ The Paradise,” Styx (Listen) Dennis DeYoung could easily be a motivational speaker. He’s got that “C’mon! You and do it!” attitude, he uses words like “futurize” in songs, and he’s so theatrical that I can just see him in a cage match with Tony Robbins — and DeYoung winning ’cause he’s got his Mr. Roboto garb on. Oops, wrong album. But hey we’re talking imaginary cage matches, so DeYoung ain’t gonna bring a knife to a gun fight, right?

“Fade Away,” Texas (Listen) Probably the most underrated album in Texas’ catalog. This was the follow up to their debut, Southside, and, to me, it’s a much more solid album because the playing is a bit looser, but more mature. Plus, there’s a nice little keyboard hook right at the beginning of the song before the vocals kick in.

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