So…The World Didn’t End

I know it’s easy to deride those who profess to know exactly when the world is going to end. And, to be frank, it’s kind of fun to prove apocalyptic-types wrong about their predictions.  But after all the hubbub about the rapture, judgement day and the like, it’s with a sense of deja vu that I see a similarity between what’s going on in our culture now, and what I was experiencing back in the ’80s with the threat of nuclear annihilation. Pop music has a way of capturing the zeitgeist of  a particular era, and after watching Britney’s “Till the World Ends” video, it reminded me of the post-nuclear holocaust videos of the ’80s –without the sunny redemption at the end.

So, if you have the time, check out these two comparable videos that have a similar look. First up is Brit Brit:

And now, a blast from the post-nuclear holocaust past with Billy Idol, doing a song that, to be upfront, I can’t stand:

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