Single Play –”Lilly” Pink Martini

My father in-law and I were trading music during his last visit, and I noticed a ton of music from Pink Martini in his collection. So, imported a ton of Pink Martini mp3s from his iPod and I haven't been disappointed since! This Portland, Oregon based band is led by Thomas Lauderdale — who, it seems is such a bad ass player that he was playing with the Oregon Symphony at age 15! The vocalist is China Forbes, who has the pop cultural distinction of singing the theme song for the TV spin off of Clueless. I love her voice because it has such a cosmopolitan feel to it. And she sings in several languages, so that's always a plus when it comes to the "sophistication level."

The song "Lilly" is one of my favorites from the band because it not only has an instant playful quality to it, but its lyrics are kind of mysterious until I found out Lilly is a dog! Once that was made known, it instantly rocketed to my personal top 5! I think my daughter Maya is sick of the song. But I like to sing it at random times when she's around to bug her — which is a parent's right! 🙂

Enjoy life with "Lilly!"

Buy the CD from the Pink Martini Music Store

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