Sick of Traffic Jams?

If you commute to work, you’re probably like most people who do the “stop and go” thing a few times during your travels. I suppose I’m lucky because I just report traffic problems as part of my job, but I rarely have to sit in traffic jams. The other day the SF Chronicle had a front page story on traffic bottlenecks and I thought it was pretty interesting because there is a professor of engineering at U.C. Berkeley (Pravin Varaiya) whose devoted his professional career to freeway congestion and how to make freeways more efficient in terms of cars moving around on the roads.

I interviewed him as part of my other job (public affairs director for the stations) and we had a pretty good discussion on the causes of bottlenecks during commutes and how to lessen the congestion on the roads. We talked about local freeways, but this conversation can easily apply to any metro area.

Have a listen and let me know what you think! πŸ™‚


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