Seriously! “Just Say No”

A guy I work with (let’s call him Tim, since that’s his name) was asking me if I was interested in doing a public affairs program on Jenkem. I had no idea what he was talking about, so instead of just faking it by playing along, I just flat out asked  him:  “What the hell is Jenkem?”

Turns out this is a drug that’s been popular for about 10 years, but was, for a long time,  confined to the so-called Third World.  Now some kids in our neck of the woods are doing this (literally!) homebrew drug. What makes this drug really gross is that it’s made from raw sewage.

Do you need to read that last sentence again? Yeah, raw sewage is a base for this drug. What kids do is collect raw sewage from open pipes in a can.  Then they put some kind of plasitc covering over the can and let it “stew” for a few days.  The gas that collects in the plactic bag (a balloon is sometimes used) is then inhaled which produces a high that’s reportedly very similar to LSD and lasts about an hour. 

If you’re first thought is “Oh. My. God. That’s totally gross!” you’re not alone.  But after the initial shock is over, you may wonder:  “Hey, I wonder if shit breath is a problem for these addicts?” The short answer is yes.  Jenkem users complain that the taste of raw sewage stays with them for days after doing hits.

So kids, stay off the “Butt hash,” the “Winnie,” the “Fruit of the Crack,” or any other slang for Jenkem – ’cause even though it produces a powerful high, your breath is going to be worse than coffee breath with a cigarette chaser.  

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