Reality Check

There’s a lot of hype, misdirection, and lies on this campaign, and while there’s been a lot of ink spilled on Sarah Palin’s life and political foibles, all around us the economic sky is apparently falling — or so it seems from last night’s Charlie Rose Show.  Do you watch Charlie Rose?  He’s one of my favorites because it’s a round table discussion without any screaming and incivility.  The conversations remain at a high level, at times it gets wonkish, but overall it’s probably one of the best news analysis shows produced.  It’s on PBS, but because “appointment viewing” is so passe, and most programming is time shifted (i.e., DVR, You Tube, or Video Podcasts), through the magic of HTML code, I can feature last night’s segment on my blog!

Watch Nouriel Roubini’s sharp, but ultimately, depressing analysis of how we got into the mess we’re in. And yes, this interview will make you want to move somewhere, anywhere but here.

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