Ready For Calm Waters

This weekend was jam packed of activties that is spilling over into next few days.


1. Baking Day -which was fun for the 2 hours I was there.

2. Before Baking Day, I got set up in my practice space, and so my drums have their old home back.

3. A book release event feat. a friend of mine from grad school where I missed his presentation (due to traffic on the Bay Bridge).  Tried to grab dinner with him, but people kept coming up and bending his ear about this and that.  I got fed up and left.


4. Sunday was spent dealing with our new found clutter after we got all of our stuff out of storage and started the daunting task of finding “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”  Alas, our about 90% of our books are headed to the public library.   Books we’ve had for years are gone, and what’s left is pretty sparse.  It comes down to living with or without clutter.  Since we’re trying this new “less is more” thing with our little condo, it’s a change that comes with pain. 

5. Went to IKEA to buy a couple of bookshelves, and we found one that’s nice and fits well with our new “less is more” life style.  We slowly put the thing together yesterday afternoon/evening, and here’s what it looks like:

Books to donate are in the car, our bedroom is reconfigured to make a workspace for Julie, and someone is coming today to assemble Julie’s new desk and file cabinet.  Once this is all complete, I think a long sleep is in order.

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