Random Sample 9-19-08

Here we go with another week of randomness.  And boy do I have one song that’s pretty odd.  The other two just sort of came up on my iTunes player after hitting “Refresh” on my Party Shuffle list a few times.  The “Refresh” button is a bit like playing slots machines in that you never know what you’re going to get.  So let’s see what what the shuffle gods have bestowed on us music loving mortals, shall we?

It’s tough for me to complain about all the earnestness Coldplay displays in their songs because I tend to eat that stuff up. I mean, I love the “big sound” of U2, and a few weeks back, I featured another band known for their “big sound,” the Waterboys.  So I really have nothing snarky to say about this song or Coldplay except that prolonged listens will eventually turn you into a sensitive, new age whiner.

“Cemeteries of London,” Coldplay

When I was a sophomore in high school, this album came out and seemingly never went away. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anything off this overplayed record, this tune “shuffled in” on my player.  I forgot that REO Speedwagon could actually rock out a bit — until you hear the keyboard solo and then it’s Wimpville, USA all the way.  Plus, I know that Kevin Cronin is pretty much a flaming hetrosexual, but listening to the lyrics, it’s clear in high school, little Kevin was just a “friend” to all the girls.

“Don’t Let Him Go,” REO Speedwagon

This was the very last track on the new Paste sampler. I was pretty underwhelmed with the last few selections on the CD, and then skipped ahead to this song expecting … well some kind of confessional song.  Much to my surprise it’s a song that does the alphabet in the key of anus. It’s totally sophomoric, moronic, childish, 5th grade humor, but you know what?  It’s still pretty funny.

“Alphabutt,” Kimya Dawson

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