Random Sample 9-12-08

[This week’s Random Sample is guest blogged by my dog, Genevieve.  Her vocabulary is pretty limited, she talks about dog things like pooping, peeing, and eating garbage from the gutter, but she’s sweet.  And for the longest time she’s been wanting to blog and wants me to try pee-mailing my friends.  I told her I would let her blog, but humans aren’t too fond of pee-mail, so I’d pass on the trade. She also wanted her own picture for when she gets the urge to blog, so here ’tis ~ Ted]

I love my bosses.  They call me “Baby.”  I hate music.  I hate books.  I hate TV.  I love my bosses even though they like music, books, and TV.

“I Wanna Be Your Dog,” The Stooges (Download) Ooooowwwwwww! This hurts my ears!  I’m going to hide my head under the bed. I think a drop of pee just came out. I’m scared.

“Gonna Buy Me A Dog,” The Monkees (Download)  What are they saying? I don’t hear my name, so I’m going to ignore this and bite on my paws and look cute. I smell food!

“Lilly,” Pink Martini (Download) This morning my poop looked like question mark.  I like it when my big boss says “You’re a baby!” His aura is blue. Oh, it’s time for my walk! Bye.

[Um, okay … that was interesting.  I hope you like Genevieve’s selections — even though she doesn’t like music.  So … get ready for some short posts from Genevieve in the future. ~ Ted]

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