Random Sample

Another random sample for your enjoyment! We’re off to Napa for the day (our one day of “Spring Break”), so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to watch BSG tonight! 🙂

“To Sir With Love,” LuLu (Download) Did you ever see the film? Well, I did when I was growing up, and my mom would wait and wait for the one magical line Sidney Poitier would say that would make her laugh in a girlish-giggly way: “I was born in British Guiana.” I guess you have to be from Guyana to understand the euphoria that erupts when the country of your birth is recognized in a major motion picture.

The song, though, it pure pop gold and is sung by LuLu — who also acted in the 1967 film.

“Love in the Year 3000,” B-52s (Download) I just got this album and while the advance press has been by and large very kind to the B-52s latest album, to me, it’s just okay. It’s not as weird as I’d like, but this song comes close.

“Dreamer,” Supertramp (Download) What do you do when you’ve release one of the most popular albums of 1979 — that would be Breakfast in America — but your relationship with your band mates is so volatile that by 1982 you’ve pretty much had it, and quit.  That’s right, you release the obligatory live album. But this being Supertramp, they do a great live version of “Dreamer” that sounds anything but obligatory. 

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