Random Sample

Another weekly sample of songs that have bubbled up on my iPod/Phone or on iTunes at home.

“Objection (Tango),” Shakira (Download) Judging this CD by the cover, Shakira’s English language debut has “porn star”written all over it. Now, what’s that they say about judging by the cover? And it’s very true with this album. Most of the songs are catchy and well produced. However, seeing Shakira in concert was the real surprise. I took Maya (because she was a such a big fan of hers back when this album came out), and damn if Shakira didn’t put on a great show.

“Ain’t That A Lot of Love,” Taj Mahal (Download) This was all over the place on PBS last year, and I was taken by the performances so much (especially Taj Mahal) that I bought the album. For those who don’t know, this was a film that was made by the Rolling Stones to spotlight their greatness (and their musical friends), was shot over the course of 24 hours and then thrown into the vault because Mick and the boys didn’t really like their performance as a band. And they were probably right because I tend to listen to other songs featured — like this one.

“MMM Bop,” Hanson (Download) The year this song came out was the year I made my entry back into radio — and that would be 1997. At first, I just kind of blew the song off as a novelty tune that would peak and then go away. However, I think it could be argued that Hanson marked the beginning of the ’90s pop craze that soon ushered in the likes of Britney, Backstreet Boys, Christina, and the all the rest. Interestingly enough, Hanson quickly moved on from their teen base and focused on growing musically. They are touring in April with Kate Voegele as a supporting act. If you want to hear how they have grown (or not), have a listen to their new single, “Great Divide” on their band site.

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